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PODS NZ Modular Homes

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Date Posted: 02-27-2015

PODS NZ Modular homes New Zealand

Pods NZ is an innovative provider of pre-built (not flat-pack, or kitset) modular dwellings and commercial units throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Pods NZ dwellings are unquestionably the cheapest high quality dwellings in New Zealand. We accept that this is a profound and bold statement to make, but our extensive research identifies that it is indeed true!

Our average, fully installed price, per square meter, is $1,550 (including GST). The price of alternative comparable dwellings is $1,800 to $2,000 per square meter! Additionally, Pods NZ dwellings comprise more detail and have superior thermal efficiency etc than comparable dwellings. In addition to our dwellings being the cheapest in New Zealand, in terms of capital cost (the price of the dwelling, including installation), we are exceptionally proud that the life time cost associated with ownership, such as electricity, is substantially less than in relation to standard dwellings!

We at Pods NZ are particularly proud of our exceptional cost effectiveness and believe that New Zealanders deserve no less, having been forced to tolerate the high cost of home ownership for too long!

Smart design and careful attention to detail make our modular system technically advanced and robust.

Contact Ph +64-27 4936042


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Barry Fraser   
Project Manager
Pods NZ

Mobile:  +64 27 4936042

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New Zealand  

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